History of Poker

The game of poker can be traced back to the first part of the early 19th century. Since that time the game has taken on more forms and new styles have emerged. Now, the most popular of all the poker games is Texas Holdem, but many other types are also very popular and can be played in poker rooms around the world. It was 1970 when the WSOP began and shortly after this time the game saw a huge jump in its popularity which has only continued to grow. Poker became a game that included players, fans, and even games being played in homes with family and friends. It even turned into a spectator sport and there are professional poker players who earn their living by competing in the game.

The hole cam was patented in 1995 by a man named Henry Orenstein and this would help poker reach even more people and gather a lot more interest for the game. It allowed spectators to feel as if they were a part of the game by providing them with the ability to see the cards the players held in their hands. This game those watching the game more interest in it and made it more exciting. By the year 2002 the hole cam was being used in the WSOP.

Introduction of Online Poker Sites

Once the poker sites started making their way onto the Internet it took no time at all for poker players to take note and get in on the action. However, these online poker sites also provided anyone interested in learning the game a more comfortable setting in which they can learn the game. Not only can players enjoy real money online poker games, but they can also play free poker games. A lot of new players like to learn on the free games and then switch over to the real money games once they feel more confident with their skills.

Once these online poker sites gained popularity, some players started spending a lot of time on them and this led to some of those players becoming very good at the game, even without doing much playing in a land based setting. A big event occurred in both land based and online poker when online poker player Chris Moneymaker won a seat into the WSOP Main event in 2003. He won his seat through a satellite tournament online. Moneymaker excelled in the Main Event and ended up taking the first prize worth 2.5 million dollars. This event captured the attention of many people and caused online poker sites to see a huge leap in their popularity.

The Growth of the Online Poker Industry

With the growth of online poker came the introduction of many added features, benefits, and rewards; as well as more player options. When players are looking for the right place to enjoy poker online today, they have a lot of different options and features they need to consider in order to be sure they are choosing the best site for them that will make all their experiences good ones. While wins cannot be guaranteed, other benefits can still offer them a great atmosphere.

Online poker sites offer the types of poker games they choose so it will be up to the player to take a look at the different games a site has and be sure their favorites are available. Some of the poker sites also do a better job of offering players tournaments, so this is another thing they need to look at. There are also both free and real money poker games and there are a number of reasons why players enjoy both types. New players like to use the free games as a way to learn poker without risk and make sure they feel confidant before they start betting real money. Also, other players like to play the free games when their bankroll gets down or simply when they aren’t going to be 100% in the game and don’t want to lose money.

Most of the online poker sites offer bonuses to players that help them out as both new and existing players. The types of bonuses you will be able to take advantage of when you are at a poker site will depend on the site itself and what ones it has decided to offer. Some of the bonuses you will see the most at these sites are the welcome bonuses, referral bonuses, reload bonuses, and deposit method bonuses. While many of the bonuses offer players cash, there are also other types of rewards players can enjoy such as entry into a tournament.

Since poker has become so popular the online poker sites see a lot of traffic from those who are brand new to the game and this is why many of the sites offer help to those players that allows them to learn the game and then provides them with more information, tips, and strategies. Many new players feel a lot more comfortable with the idea of learning how to play online. It allows them to play without any pressure and on a site they have chosen to be the right one for them. As a player grows they can continue playing online. Many professional poker players spend a lot of time online and in fact there are some who earn a living online while rarely playing in a land based poker room.

Final Thoughts

When looking at the whole history of poker it is very interesting. What once was a card game that was looked down upon by many has now become a spectator sport that many tune in to watch on their TV each week. Also, the online poker sites now provide everyone with the chance to enjoy the game any time they want.

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