Hands of Poker

There are many different types of poker games and this means you should try at least a few of the different types out if you are looking for a new card game to start enjoying. However, even though there are different types of poker, most of those games still have the same hand rankings. This means that you can learn the hand rankings and take that information with you to each of the different types of poker games that you decide to play. One of the great things about the hands of poker is once you learn them you will have them down. There is no configuration or rethinking when it comes to the hand standings. Really, it is a ‘what you see is what you get’ thing.

Once you learn the hands you will be able transition from one type of poker to the next easily. There are a few poker games that are more popular and some of these include Texas Holdem, stud, and draw. While the rules of the game play will differ, the hand ranks will stay the same making it a lot easier for you to go from game to game. More good news is many of the online gambling sites offer you the chance to enjoy many different types of poker games so you can play them any time you want.

Hand Rankings

Royal Flush – This is the highest ranking hand in poker and it consists of a hand in which all of the cards have the same suit. They will also consist of the Ace through 10.

Straight Flush – This hand is also created with cards of the same suit that create a straight meaning they go from King down to 9, Queen down to 8, and so on.

Four of a Kind – This hand is created by getting four cards of the same rank.

Full House – A full house is created by getting three cards that are the same rank and another two cards that are the same rank. An example of this would be a hand which consists of three 10’s and two 5’s.

Flush – This hand is created by getting cards that are all the same suit. The higher ranking card out of the five is the one that will determine the strength of the hand.

Straight – This hand is created by getting five consecutive cards that are of different suits. The higher ranking the highest card is, the higher the hand.

Three of a Kind – This hand is made when you get three cards of the same rank.

Two Pair – You get this hand by having two pairs of cards that have the same rank.

One Pair – This hand is when you get a pair of same rank cards.

High Card – If no one else has a ranking hand then the person holding the highest card will win.

Choosing the Right Place to Play

When you want to play poker online you need to make sure you find the best place to play, this way you know that you will have the best chance to get the most out of your time on the site. You want to find a poker site that has all the different types of poker games you are interested in playing, try to find one that is generous with its bonuses and promotions, has a great customer support team in place that you are going to be able to rely on, has a great banking system in place which gives you all the options you need in order to make your transactions and withdrawals in a simple and easy manner, and offers you helpful information so you get the most out of your time on the site.

Playing the Game

When you go online to play poker be sure you use all of those great resources that are offered. The best part is you can take advantage of those resources for free of charge and they can really help you. There are reviews, guides, articles, forums, and a lot of other types of resources. You can also enjoy free games while you are learning the ropes. There are many sites that offer free games and a lot of new players choose to play these games while they are getting familiar with the game and playing it online.

The poker sites will offer games that run on a variety of software and that means the games can look different and offer some different features. You get to look around and find the games you are the most comfortable with. Then, once you have registered for an account and made a deposit you can begin playing the real money games any time you feel like playing. Most of the sites do a fantastic job of making the gaming environment easy for even the newest of players. Once you learn about the basics and the hands of poker then you can start looking for the best place to join. You will find that playing poker can be a great way for you to have fun and it can also offer you plenty of chances to win money.

Learning the hands of poker is the first step for you to take and once you do that you will be well on your way to playing a game packed full of fun and opportunities. Do what you can on your part to find the best games for you and start enjoying everything the online poker sites have available for online players to make use of.

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